Guests on the Showdown

Laura Huang

Author, EDGE: Turning Adversity into Advantage

Laura Huang is an Associate Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and author of the book Edge: Turning Adversity into Advantage. Her research has been featured in The Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Forbes, and Nature.

Tim Sheehan

CEO & Founder

Tim Sheehan is the CEO and Co-Founder of Greenlight – a debit card for kids and a mobile app that empowers parents with convenient controls to safely manage family finances and create teachable moments around earning, spending, saving and giving.

Matthew Quint

Director, Center on Global Brand Leadership

Matthew Quint is the Director of the Center on Global Brand Leadership at Columbia Business School. He is also the producer and host of The Center's prestigious annual BRITE Conference.

Mahisha Dellinger

CEO and Founder

Mahisha Dellinger is the CEO and founder of CURLS, a leader in the natural hair care market providing exceptional products across U.S., Canada, and international markets. CURLS products can be found at Target, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, and other national retail chains.

Nick Araco


AchieveNEXT is a Philadelphia-based growth agency that provides a unique combination of Peer Advisory Networks and specialized Human Capital Performance Solutions to enterprise leaders and their teams.

George Leimer is the CEO of fintech investing app Rally. Rally is a platform for buying and selling equity shares in collectible assets like exotic cars and other memorabilia. 

Ryo Chiba is the co-founder of Topic - an AI-driven research and content optimization tool. After selling his first company TINT in 2018, Ryo co-founded Topic with his long-term friend Nik to help companies produce better quality content.

Frenchie Ferenczi is an efficiency-obsessed and strategy-driven human helping ambitious entrepreneurs use their business as a tool to unlock their most important goals.

Arjun Sen is a former Fortune 500 executive-turned-entrepreneur and an acclaimed Brand Zen™. Arjun is a highly rated international keynote speaker in the Brand and Customer Experience category and has impacted brands to Win Big.

Taylor Burton is the co-founder of Till Financial - an FDIC-insured collaborative family banking platform that helps create smarter spenders. Taylor and his co-founder recognized a gap in the marketplace for the more than 50 million pre-banked young people that represent over $400B in buying power.

James Robert Lay joins chats with Chris Snyder on how banks and credit unions can simplify their digital marketing initiatives to increase customer revenue on a local level.

Tim Ash is an acknowledged authority on evolutionary psychology and digital marketing as well as a best-selling author and keynote speaker.

Andrew Jamison is the CEO and Co-Founder of New York-based Extend Enterprise. Extend offers a virtual card solution that allows businesses to manage expenses and safeguard against fraud.

Mike Van Kempen is the COO of UNest, a California-based fintech startup that provides tax-advantaged investment accounts and savings apps for kids.

Alex Wheldon is the co-founder of Rho - a leading digital commercial banking platform backed by Alexa Von Tobel and Inspired Capital.

Eric Shoykhet is the Founder & CEO of Atom Finance –a New York-based fintech dedicated to empowering individuals to make informed investing decisions with best-in-class software and data.

Don sits down with Chris Snyder to discuss the evolving Amazon seller landscape and how AccrueMe is empowering e-commerce sellers.

Patrick L Young is a lifelong entrepreneur and fintech industry veteran. His first book, “Capital market Revolution!” published in 1999, was a bestseller. A former stock exchange boss in Europe, he runs the daily information service for bourses [stock markets], “Exchange Invest.”

Chris Doyle is the founder, president, and CEO of Billd – a disruptive payment solution for the construction industry that helps contractors and suppliers grow their businesses with less hassle and risk.

Mareike sits down with Chris Snyder to discuss the increasing pivot towards eCommerce and how Payability makes it easier for online retailers to finance inventory and business operations.

Evan Leaphart is the founder of KiddieKredit – a mobile chore tracking app designed to teach kids about the importance of financial literacy. KiddieKredit utilizes chore completion, quality, and timeliness to generate a Kredit Score that helps children learn how to maintain and improve credit.

Matt Remuzzi is the founder of CapForge – a virtual bookkeeping firm headquartered in San Diego, CA. Matt started CapForge with an investment of $500 and has since grown the company into a bi-coastal organization dedicated to helping small businesses.

Maëlle Gavet sits down with Chris Snyder to discuss her first book, Trampled by Unicorns, and the tech industry’s growing empathy problem.

Will Rhind is the Founder & CEO of GraniteShares - an independent Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) company built for investors seeking simple, cost-effective access to commodity and alternative investments.

Nadia Angelini is an intuitive life coach and founder of Intuition by Nadia. Nadia has been helping individuals promote personal growth and empowerment by addressing both personal and professional obstacles since 2005.

Aaron Burnett is the Founder and CEO of Seattle-based Wheelhouse Digital Marketing Group. Wheelhouse is an award-winning digital agency and has made the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list three times in a row.

Nick Hinrichsen is the CEO of Clutch – a newly-launched technology platform created to help Americans save thousands of dollars on car payments with just a few clicks.

Matt Wilkerson is the co-founder and CEO of Paragon One – a platform providing flexible remote externships that help students gain hands-on work experience in different industries before they graduate.

Adam Weiss is the founder of Weiss Digital Consulting and the former General Manager & SVP of the Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Network. Adam has more than 20 years of experience working with publishers and affiliate programs.

Jason Mikula is the Head of Growth at Merlon - the world’s most advanced AI-powered adverse media research platform for enhanced Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) Investigations.

Lee Mills is an Entrepreneurial sales and growth marketing leader with proven experience growing startups and scaling companies. Lee sits down with Chris Snyder to discuss how to develop sales and marketing programs that result in revenue growth and funding.

Liz Grantham is the CEO and founder of - an online wellness solution targeted towards the GenX and senior community.

Eyal Golan is the CEO and co-founder of CORAL Drowning Detection Systems – a tool designed to detect and prevent drownings in privately owned pools.

Peter Ramsey is the Founder of Built for Mars – a leading UX design consultancy focused on the banking industry as well as a free community to learn UX design. Peter started Built from Mars in 2018 after his FinTech startup, Movem, was acquired and has since been featured in TechCrunch and Forbes.

Robert Farrington is the founder of and host of The College Investor podcast. Founded in 2009, The College Investor was built with the intention to share common-sense student loans and investing strategies and continues to do so today.

Clint Babcock is a Sandler-certified trainer helping professionals hone in on their sales, leadership, and negotiation skills. Clint is also the author of Negotiating from the Inside Out: A Playbook for Business Success.

Jeremy Hill is the Founder and Managing Partner of JB Capital - a direct private lender providing creative capital solutions to privately held companies. For over 15 years, JB Capital has provided capital, counsel, and direction to privately held companies and their shareholders.

Rose Vitale, aka The Female Angel Investor, is the founder of the Female Founders Pitch Summit as well as the host of the Women in Business Podcast. With more than 15 years of experience as an investor, Rose is passionate about improving the landscape of funding for women-owned businesses.

Jeff Biesman sits down with Chris Snyder to discuss why product-market fit can make or break your marketing strategy, the importance of leading with empathy, and why the most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who never give up.

Whitney Sales is a Managing Partner at Acceleprise Ventures, an accelerator and seed fund with offices in San Francisco, New York, and Toronto – the top B2B SaaS accelerator as well as a mentorship program for startups.

Peter Karpas and Matt Martin are the co-founders of Starsona - a platform that provides anyone with fans or followers with their own virtual storefronts making it safe, easy, and fun for them to monetize their personal brands.

Ryan Colby and is a premium domain broker that has transacted more than $75 million in domains for clients over the past decade. Ryan sits down with Chris Snyder to discuss how the domain industry is evolving and how a great domain can be a game-changer.

Ray Powell is the CEO for STIR, Brands + Entertainment – a Nashville-based agency focused on bringing the worlds of brands and digital entertainment together through compelling marketing partnerships. Ray sits down with Chris Snyder to discuss how STIR helps publishers monetize their content.

Brian Marcus is the VP of Global Marketing at TUNE - a SaaS technology that powers successful marketing partnerships across mobile and web. Brian sits down with Chris to discuss the surging affiliate model and how to run a successful affiliate program.

Michael Bryce is the Co-Founder and Global CMO of Healist Advanced Naturals – a New York City-based sustainable wellness brand. Healist provides natural, CBD-infused products that are designed to improve feelings of stress, anxiety, sleep, and promote overall wellbeing.

Laura Huang is an Associate Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and author of the book Edge: Turning Adversity into Advantage. Laura sits down with Chris to share how entrepreneurs can leverage adversity to create a competitive edge.

Edward “E.B.” Batten is the EVP of Growth at BairesDev - the fastest-growing nearshore software outsourcing company in Latin America. E.B. sits down with Chris Snyder to discuss how companies can leverage nearshore teams to build tech better and faster.

Kyle Hegarty is the Managing Director of TSL Marketing Asia Pacific as well as Leadership Nomad. Known as the "Indian Jones of International Business," Kyle sits down with Chris to discuss how companies are finding growth opportunities in new markets.

Gabe Gordon is the co-founder and managing partner of Reach Agency, an award-winning digital video storytelling agency built specifically for the social generation. Gabe sits down with Chris to discuss the importance of visual storytelling in an age of influencer culture.

Jason Stein is a wellness business coach who offers a unique approach to well-being in the workplace. Jason sits down with Chris Snyder to discuss how wellness and self-care are integral to entrepreneurship and a successful, lengthy career.

Tim Sheehan is the CEO and Co-Founder of Greenlight – a debit card for kids and a mobile app that empowers parents with convenient controls to safely manage family finances and create teachable moments around earning, spending, saving and giving.

Eric sits down with Chris to discuss how both corporations and executives can take their career management to the next level while exceeding performance goals.

Sean sits down with Chris Snyder to discuss the challenges and nuances of running a successful ecommerce brand, including ecom platforms, paid and organic channels, and optimizing for user experience.

Matthew Quint is the Director of the Center on Global Brand Leadership at Columbia Business School. Matthew sits down with Chris Snyder to discuss modern branding as well as the intersection of academia and the ever-expanding business world.

Stella Grizont is a happiness expert, executive coach, and speaker. Stella is the founder of WOOPAAH - a corporate coaching service that has helped over 1,300 individuals in 19 countries on how to find deeper career fulfillment.

Harry Lowell is an award-winning producer and the founder of NiteLite Pictures in Los Angeles. Harry sits down with Chris to share how good old-fashioned hard work and a blue-collar upbringing created the foundation for his success in the entertainment industry.

Vic Davanzo is the Founder and CEO of RSP Nutrition, a leading manufacturer of clean, innovative nutritional products for active people, busy professionals, and fitness enthusiasts. RSP products are distributed in over 5000 U.S. retail locations in more than 80 countries.

Phoebe Assenza is the founder of New York City, based, Rhetorica Creative - a branding agency focused on creating cutting edge content and messaging for top fintech brands. Phoebe has helped shape the brand narrative for the likes of Weight Watchers, JP Morgan Chase, and Nova Credit.

Mahisha Dellinger, the CEO of natural hair care brand CURLS, shares how she overcame adversity, built a successful brand, and continues to mentor and inspire female entrepreneurs. 

Evan Faber is the CEO and Chief Strategist at Moxie Sozo, a Boulder, Colorado-based creative agency serving brands around the globe. Evan sits down with Chris to discuss how branding isn't transactional, but rather about building meaningful relationships between brands and consumers.

Lars Helgeson is the CEO and Founder of GreenRope, a CRM software designed for small-and mid-sized businesses. GreenRope is the world's first and only Business Operating System, a cloud-based platform that simplifies and consolidates a company's sales, marketing and operations.

David Spencer is the CEO and co-founder of Talent Resources Sports a full-service agency offering marketing and creative strategy development with a leading edge in the world of entertainment and professional sports.

eSalon CEO Graham Jones recently sat down with Chris Snyder to discuss how the company built custom technology to scale direct-to-consumer and solve a previously untouched problem in the beauty industry.

Cropswap founder Rob Reiner sat down with Chris Snyder recently to discuss how food purchasing habits are changing in response to the global pandemic.

Katie Klencheski, Founder and CEO of SMAKK Studios,sits down with Chris Snyder to share how brands can contribute to a greater good by using their platform to add commentary to bigger issues impacting the world today, such as race + gender differences, the environment, and public health.

Paul Miller, CPA, shouldn't be alive. After being hit by a car not once - but twice - as a kid and being pronounced dead, he learned early on our time on earth is finite. Paul set out to make the most of his second, or rather, third chance at life through hard work, grit, and determination.

Nick Araco, CEO of AchieveNEXT, recently sat down with Chris Snyder to discuss how passion has always driven his business decisions.

Rocco Milano, Patrick Halbert, and Andrew Gill left behind a successful Dallas restaurant to start a bottled craft cocktail business from scratch with little more than a great idea and a few good connections. On The Rock craft cocktails are now distributed nationally through airlines + retailers.

Shandee Chernow, CEO and Founder of CertiStar, sits down with Chris Snyder to discuss how CertiStar leverages big data from restaurant partners to code food allergens safely and accurately. 

Jason Draizin is the CEO and Founder of - an online gateway connecting practitioners and patients seeking medical marijuana treatment.

A self-professed "social nerd," Sharon shares an extrovert can run a fully remote company without compromising the social aspects found in a traditional office setting.

Jon Ham is a bootstrapped and extremely experienced serial entrepreneur. Jon has a demonstrated track record of building businesses from scratch with those businesses primarily focusing on the health, wellness, and fitness industries.

Eric Vardon is the CEO of Morphio, the world's first marketing security software. Eric is an AI tech entrepreneur, C-suite executive, and adviser with over 20 years of success in advertising and marketing.

Chase Terwilliger is the CEO of Balanced Health Botanicals, a Denver-based company that’s considered as one of the largest CBD and hemp-derived product manufacturers in the US.

Kimra Major-Morris is a top-rated intellectual property attorney who is licensed to practice in Florida. A nationally-published author on the subject of trademarks, and the television host of Legal Connections in conjunction with Family College of Law in Orange TV.

John Shin is the Chief Digital Officer and Partner at Agraria San Francisco, and he is also the Managing Partner at Prawn Coastal Casual, a fast-casual seafood restaurant by Chef Mark Peel in downtown Los Angeles.

Stas Chijik is the CEO and co-founder of Billfold POS, a Brooklyn-based cashless payment technology company who revolutionized event-based payment processing, by engineering cashless, RFID bracelets that sync directly with a customer's credit card.

Jonathan "Jon" Fishman is the founder of Bizydev, an NYC-based business development group that creates value for clients and partners through client introductions, strategic partnership formation, capital connections, and creative marketing and innovation. Jonathan has spent over 15 years acquiring

An entertainment industry veteran, Larry Namer is the President CEO of Metan Global Entertainment Group and the founder of E! Entertainment Television. Larry has been involved in cable television entertainment for over 50 years and he has created successful media companies across the globe.

In this episode, Chris talks to the president of Topgrading Chris Mursau, a firm that has been helping companies and individual managers hire top talent since the early 70's.

Chris Snyder talks about what leaders can do to stay forward-focused amid the current crisis and how they can best preserve their organization while at the same time considering how it affects their sources and clients.

Chris interviews Carla Morano from Fine and Dandy about the evolution of creative design. Learn more how Carla used her life’s work as an inspiration to build the company, the marketing strategy of Fine and Dandy, and how focusing on your clients needs can help you fine tune your business.

In this episode, Mati Otsmaa discusses the evolution of marketing and advertising through the decades and the importance of focusing on quality and accountability in advertising.

In this episode, Michael Ferree discusses the importance of lead gen companies and how getting lead generation right can connect lead buyers, sellers, and customers together.

In this episode we discuss the best practices for hiring, on-boarding, and weeding out potential employees. Chris dives into some of the tools and his hiring process to see if someone is the right fit for his company.

Adrian talks fondly of his belief in himself has enabled him to start his career and later his company. He has built his company on the idea that hard work and giving back is what makes a valuable company culture.

In this episode, Chris shares his insights about the common problems businesses face to reach their ideal customers.

Chris shares his insights on the importance of having the right systems, strategies, and people in place to grow your business.

Chris discusses why it’s crucial for executives to have an open mind when hiring talent when building their own team.

In this episode, Chris digs into time management and productivity tools that work for both in-house employees and contractors to efficiently collaborate in a remote working environment.

Chris explains how, through a series of fortunate events, he and his team were able to acquire With the desire to innovate the way we think about banking, Chris may have started a mini-revolution on how we send money to those that matter.

Chris talks about the integral role of scaling within his business. Such as generating more demand than you can fill.

Chris discusses the value of making better decisions quickly and efficiently and how being confident within your role, leveraging your experience, and practicing can help you perfect the art of decision-making.

In this episode, Chris talks all about turnover and the hiring practices his organization utilizes to anticipate it.

In this episode about measuring momentum, Chris talks all about this concept and its impact on business and how momentum can be gained and lost in real terms, both mentally and emotionally.

In this episode, Chris talks about how ideas are a great starting point, but without proper planning and curation, they never come to fruition.

In this episode, Chris covers the topic of planning and, more specifically, planning for the business year ahead.

The necessary mindset behind being an entrepreneur and balancing the extreme highs and lows that come with it.

Operating with offshore teams can be cost effective if managed well. Listen to this Snyder Showdown podcast episode about the benefits and trade-offs of operating a business with contracted offshore talent.

In this episode, Chris discusses a new tool he’s recently discovered that has been incredibly helpful and effective for him and his team.

Chris talks about the importance of being honest and transparent about your mission as an entrepreneur.

In this podcast episode, Chris discusses the value he places on OKRs, objectives and key results. For him, if something is not measurable it is not worth the time and money to pursue.

Chris continues telling the story of how he got involved in He takes a deep dive into the Fintech marketplace and explains its significance.

Chris tells the story of how he got involved in, a business venture he has been working on since 2006.

Listen to project management and selling, and how efficient operations can impact on revenue to grow and scale your business.

Chris breaks down his accomplishments from the week prior, including a multitude of investor meetings for his company,



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