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Published on
April 15, 2020

028 | The Evolution of the Advertising Industry with Mati Otsmaa, Market Direct Inc.


Building an effective marketing strategy is no small feat. Not only do you have to consider the buyer, but you must also take into account the cost of talent, trends, the future of the industry, and your budget. In the last 50 years, advertising marketing has transitioned to direct marketing, creating an opportunity to establish closer relationships with clients and their interest.

Join Chris Snyder in this week's episode of Snyder's Marketing Showdown where he features Mati Otsmaa of Market Direct Inc. Tune in as they discuss the evolution of marketing and advertising through the decades, the importance of focusing on quality and accountability in advertising, the challenges of hiring talent based on budget, and why the traditional approach in advertising might be the safest way to go. Stay Tuned.


  • Mati Otsmaa talks about being a part of the "Mad Men" era
  • How Mati’s time in Ogilvy has impacted him up to this day
  • Mati’s views on the transition and evolution of skills in the advertising industry
  • Mati discusses the changes in how advertising is done today and where it’s headed
  • How the decentralization of talent is affecting businesses and how business leaders can ensure quality of work
  • The benefits of approaching advertising traditionally to ensure quality and accountability 
  • Mati shares how he prices his services and how he helps companies boost their business

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Mati Otsmaa

Managing director of Markets Direct Inc.

Mati Otsmaa is the managing director of Markets Direct Inc. He is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in advertising. He has helped several companies find success in getting off the ground and thriving.

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