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Published on
March 25, 2020

020 | How Chris Snyder Acquired and His Vision Going Forward


What happens when a small agency invests in a new project that turns heads? And when that same project has the potential to revolutionize the way we do banking online with our family and friends. This week Dr. Jeremy Weisz finds out how Chris Snyder, partner of marketing agency Juhll, took a risk and acquired

Chris Snyder is President of Juhll, a marketing agency that helps companies grow and better connect with their target audience. Chris explains how, through a series of fortunate events, he and his team were able to acquire Although he doesn't say the exact price, he won't be selling it for $5 million, now or in the near future, because that would be a drastic undervaluation of a company that could very well change the way we do banking. He plans to take globally and transparency with his customers and team. With the desire to innovate the way we think about banking, Chris may have started a mini-revolution on how we send money to those that matter.


  • Background on Chris Snyder and his company
  • Chris talks about how his simple trip to New York became the stepping stone to acquiring
  • The importance of the relationships Chris had cultivated over the years  
  • Approaching your audience from a tactical perspective
  • Chris gives a little information on how he acquired
  • How to remain transparent to his customers while working on a global level
  • Chris hopes to innovate how people send money to their family and friends

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