013 | Grit, Determination, Resilience

March 7, 2019
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In "Grit, Determination, Resilience" episode, Chris discusses the necessary mindset behind being an entrepreneur and balancing the extreme highs and lows that come with it. As an entrepreneur, he has experienced his fair share of diverse problems. Confronting these problems with grit, tenacity and determination has been a key to Chris’ success. He talks about the current job market and the importance of finding employees who have been battle-tested in their respective fields. He searches for those who have experienced both success and failure to show that they have been demonstrated that same grit and perseverance that he himself has harnessed. Finally, Chris talks about having his clients’ best interests at heart in every aspect of his business.

Chris is the President and partner at Juhll.com, a full-service digital marketing agency. It offers its clients a full range of services, specializing in strategic digital paid media to acquire online customers and generate leads. He’s also the founder, operator and investor in Banks.com, a financial online market place aimed to become everyone’s trusted, go-to resource for all things financial on the web.

He operates his businesses focusing on the importance of being honest and transparent. In the episode "Having the Right Mindset" he talks further these and other values that are important for him in his mission as an entrepreneur.


  • 00:49 – The mindset necessary to be an entrepreneur  
  • 02:12 – The myriad of diverse problems Chris continuously faces as an entrepreneur
  • 05:16 – Chris’ definition of grit
  • 07:02 – The time commitment required for the entrepreneurial journey
  • 10:40 – The importance of finding the balance between the extreme highs and lows of entrepreneurship
  • 13:42 – Why the job market is so volatile
  • 16:30 – The mutually beneficial partnership between Chris and his clients
  • 21:29 – How Chris proves himself to clients in just three months
  • 23:14 – Chris’ approach to working with clients using outdated systems
  • 27:58 – Chris talks about the software systems Salesforce and Pardot
  • 32:47 – The importance Chris places on having his clients’ best interests at heart

Tweetable Quotes

“After ten years, I would have honestly thought that I had seen it all. I am beginning to learn that I have not even scratched the surface of seeing it all.” (02:25)


“You can look out the window and you can blame every single person that walks by or you can just look in the mirror. And you can go, ‘Well, I guess I gotta do a better job next time.’” (06:36)


“I want people that have been to war and back and have won, and have failed too.” (14:16)


“Look, it doesn’t always work, man. It doesn’t always work. And it’s not always their fault, it’s not always our fault. It could be forces beyond our control. Could be a loser product, could be a bad product.” (20:25)


“Software companies are not my clients. They are not. My client is my client. My client is trusting that I’m gonna be one hundred percent impartial if I do make a suggestion.” (31:04)


“Everybody has to be vetted for this growth mindset and this ability to have grit and determination and resilience because it’s gonna happen. You’re gonna need it and you’re gonna need a lot of it.” (34:16)


Chris Snyder

Snyder Showdown is an original Juhll agency production hosted by Chris Snyder, President of Juhll Agency and founder-operator-investor in banks.com.

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