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Published on
April 8, 2020

026 | How To Effectively Manage Remote Teams


The process of creating a cohesive remote team that can work efficiently can be quite daunting.  Learn how to manage, on-board, and weed out the talented from the pool of potential employees. 

In this episode we discuss the best practices for hiring, on-boarding, and weeding out potential employees. Chris dives into some of the tools and his hiring process to see if someone is the right fit for his company.


  • Chris describes how archaic the hiring process has become. 
  • How to know if a potential remote worker is a right fit for your company?
  • Chris provides an example on how he tests potential employees. 
  • Part of Chris's evaluation is on the importance of note-taking and control of your schedule. 
  • How to lead a remote team effectively.
  • The importance of creating a roadmap and allowing your team to succeed in their roles. 
  • Remote work doesn't mean chaos; there has to be organization. 
  • How to find the right talent for your company?
  • Chris explains the importance of gaining experience and creating a process.
  • Chris gives his book recommendation on process and remote work.

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