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Published on
March 25, 2020

023 | How Having The Right Processes And People Can Help Companies Grow Their Business


How do you generate lead conversions? And what happens when your product is excellent, but your company is stagnant? These are some common pitfalls for companies who have been around long enough to see the different innovations in the way business is done but aren’t able to fully embrace the processes and systems that are now made available to them.

Chris Snyder, President of Juhll Online Marketing Agency, shares how he was able to help a company work their way out of business stagnancy and see an enormous improvement in sales with the help of his team. He prides himself in assisting companies get the results they need quickly and accurately, and in the digital space, that’s the only language that people really need to be talking with.

In this episode of the Snyder Showdown, Dr. Jeremy Weisz of Rise25 interviews Chris about how he helps companies grow their business again. He shares his insights on the importance of having the right systems, strategies, and people in place, and why companies need to focus on getting their data reporting and analytics done right if they want to have a better understanding of their business expenses.


  • Chris Snyder recalls his client who had an excellent product but was experiencing stagnancy in their business
  • How direct selling can positively impact your sales
  • Chris explains why companies hire his team to help solve their problems
  • Why companies need to have the right systems, processes, and people in place to avoid problems
  • Chris discusses why he chooses to work with companies who are already doing paid acquisition
  • The importance of having the right data reporting and analytics when measuring business expenses
  • What’s a good close rate in sales
  • The value of picking the right people and the right strategy for your company

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Dr. Jeremy Weisz

Co-founder of Rise25

Dr. Jeremy Weisz is the co-founder of Rise25 - a company with a mission of helping businesses connect to ideal prospects, referral partners and strategic partners using a done-for-you podcast.

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