the successful, straight-talking Internet business entrepreneur with zero patience for losing, a potty mouth and well-earned chip on his shoulder.
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Snyder Showdown 
Chris Snyder
, Entrepreneur, Investor, Business Consultant

aka... Founder, CEO, COO
Juhll Online Marketing Agency Partner, President, CMO, Partner

C-Level Executives - Get ready for a real sh*t showdown. Sit back, relax and let Chris do the b*tch*ng for you.

Chris wants you to NOT be the idiot in the room. Stop paying fake consultants $500/hour to screw up your business.

Learn how to run a successful dream-come-true business...both big and small.

Laugh out loud as Chris unleashes shocking yet deserving verbal smacks that you wish you could say.

Snyder's "I don't give a f*@&!" attitude and extreme business talent mixed with decades of experience and his relentless drive to win is a REAM come true. 
Listen to the B*tchin

But it is what your investors want you to follow.

Gain invaluable insight listening to Chris host epic, no-holds-barred rants debating everything about building a business from scratch...

... should you probably fire your brand team for subjective decision-making that that tanks marketing campaigns

... what's the realistic paid media ROAS for spending $1M daily on Google and Facebook

... does restructuring to a 100% remote office boost productivity

... why hold staff accountable with computer tracking software and 2-week to-do calendars
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  • Secret c-level success tips  
  • Leapfrog decades of hands-on Internet business expertise
  • How to avoid marketing idiot failure traps
  • Ground-breaking online business strategies
  • Proprietary operational and marketing tactics  
  • Real life business cases by Juhll Online Consulting Agency
  • Sneak-peaks into startups - and
  • 100% FREE advice....for a limited time, of course!
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Learn how to start effectively managing your entire business landscape:
strategy, research, management, systems integrations,cross-functional operations, product development, sales automation,acquisition, retention, paid media, analytics, tracking, web design and development.

Get inspired, get real and get ready for the showdown.
Super addicting...
Sort of funny...
Seriously refreshing!
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  • Do what you say you are going to do
  • Leverage 20+ years consulting 100's of startups and enterprise teams
  • Implement cross-functional proprietary processes  
  • Test and learn
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Get behind-the-scenes sneak-peaks into the development and growth of Chris' newest and biggest startup venture,  See Chris build-from-scratch a financial online market place into the World's trusted, go-to resource for all things financial. 

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Chris Snyder, Founder, CEO, COO, Investor
Juhll Online Marketing Agency President, Partner, CMO, Partner, Investor

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