012 | Operating with Offshore Teams

March 7, 2019
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In this episode about operating with offshore teams, Chris discusses the benefits and trade-offs of operating a business with contracted offshore talent. As the world has shifted into a digital age of nonstop instant gratification, finding the right talent to fulfill business goals has become a challenge. One of the challenges Chris references is fielding a talented demand generation marketing team. A successful team includes paid search, paid social, email marketing, analytics and development members. Because demand generation is an ever-changing and evolving field, he has contracted much of this work from offshore teams. He talks about the importance of investing heavily in the vetting of these teams. Finally, Chris gives key pieces of advice for any business owner who chooses to operate the same way he has. These include establishing a system that focuses on problem-solving, building a proper project management structure, and being a great communicator.  

As a digital marketer and entrepreneur, Chris is President and partner of Juhll.com, a full-service digital marketing agency to help clients achieve their business goals as well as founder, operator and investor in Banks.com, a financial online market place. In "Do You Have the Right People?" he talks in more depth about the challenges he faces when having to find resources to manage both businesses.


  • 00:45 – Doing what you love to do
  • 02:30 – The importance Chris places on establishing a routine with an offshore team
  • 04:04 – A recent sales call from a referral Chris received
  • 08:01 – Chris speaks to the tremendous amount of turnover in the job market
  • 14:12 – Chris’ preference to contract talent from reliable partners
  • 16:23 – How to build a successful Demand Generation team
  • 17:31 – The importance of having humble, problem-solving, and passionate employees in Demand Gen Marketing
  • 22:59 – The reason Chris does not believe in hiring in-house
  • 25:18 – Chris speaks to the benefits and trade-offs of contracting out work
  • 28:22 – The importance of vetting offshore talent
  • 29:19 – Three pieces of advice for operating with offshore talent

Tweetable Quotes

“I grew up a military kid. And, if you were sleeping, you were burning daylight, pilgrim!” (02:19)


“At the end of the day, there’s a lot of turnover because there’s a lot of folks out there that have a lot of options, and I just think that there’s a lack of loyalty or dedication to really any single thing that you do anymore.” (08:56)


“If you’re good, you’re getting job offers at least once a week. At least once a week.” (11:04)


“Paid search, paid social, email marketing, analytics, dev, this shit changes every other year. Actually, it changes a helluva lot faster than that. I’m talking about major, major changes.” (18:17)


“And, by the way, finding talented offshore labor is really fucking hard because there’s a lot of fakers out there.”(27:35)


“And ya know what? People need to quit their fucking fire drills. And, if you get better at project management and better at planning, not everything is a fucking fire drill.” (30:40)


Chris Snyder

Snyder Showdown is an original Juhll agency production hosted by Chris Snyder, President of Juhll Agency and founder-operator-investor in banks.com.

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