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Published on
April 15, 2020

027 | Educating and Rebuilding the Lead Generation Industry with Michael Ferree, Founder of Lead Generation World


If you’re a company and you want to hit the right market, you should consider doing lead generation. But first, how do you get leads for your company and what system do you put in place to help consumers decide that you are the best option in the market? Michael Ferree, founder and CEO of Lead Generation World says that it’s all about using the right techniques and connecting with an agency that knows what it’s doing to get you the results that you want and need.

Join Chris Snyder in this week's episode of Snyder's Marketing Showdown, where he interviews Michael Ferree about the importance of lead gen companies and the work that they do, and how getting lead generation right can connect lead buyers, sellers, and customers together. He also shares his insight on mending the relationship between lead gen buyers and sellers, the evolution of lead generation, and how transparency in lead generation today can affect the way companies gather data. Stay tuned.


  • Michael Ferree talks about how he got into lead generation and how lead gen has developed so far
  • How sellers gather their data and how transparency in lead gen today can play a role in this
  • The importance of evolving with the market trends
  • Best tips on understanding customer behavior 
  • How buyers and sellers can shift from a transactional point of view to a consumer-friendly point of view
  • At which point does the market truly become a free market and not pay-to-play?
  • How do companies determine what options should be offered to a specific consumer?
  • The benefits of using a lead gen company for your business 
  • Why experienced companies don’t go for smaller lead gen agencies
  • Why it’s crucial to rebuild the relationship between lead buyers and lead sellers and how to do it right

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Michael Ferree

Founder and CEO of Lead Generation World

Michael Ferree is the founder and CEO of Lead Generation World, an industry leader in generating internet leads and educating clients on best practices for lead generation and how to turn leads into revenue.

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