009 | OKRs Help Managing Projects

March 7, 2019
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In this how OKRs help managing projects episode, Chris discusses the value he places on OKRs, objectives and key results. For him, if something is not measurable it is not worth the time and money to pursue. Chris talks about the various methods of measuring key results that he uses at Juhll, including systems like JIRA, Confluence, BigTime, Quick Books and Slack. These software systems are implemented with the sole purpose of tracking projects in order to remain as efficient as possible. He also speaks to how he has changed his company’s policy on meetings: they should be concise, straightforward and productive. He likes to put himself in his clients’ shoes in order to put their interests first. To accomplish this, he expects the team to work with a higher level of transparency, sophisticated planning and communication. In the episode "Do you have the right people?", he goes into more detail about recruiting and finding talent for his business.

Welcome back to the Snyder Showdown podcast, where entrepreneur and digital marketer Chris Snyder openly discusses the current trends in digital marketing as well as processes to build a successful business. He’s the President and partner at Juhll.com, a full-service digital marketing agency as well as the founder, operator and investor in Banks.com, a financial online market place aimed to become everyone’s trusted, go-to resource for all things financial on the web.


  • 01:20 – Chris stresses the importance of tracking objectives and key results
  • 03:42 – Why Chris believes that if a project isn’t measurable, it isn’t worth it
  • 05:59 – Chris discusses the pros and cons of creating presentation decks
  • 11:08 – Shortening meetings to become more productive and efficient
  • 15:15 – Implementing JIRA, a ticketing system used to track projects and other issues
  • 18:01 – Chris talks about putting people in the best possible position for success
  • 20:44 – The multiple software systems Chris and his company utilize to manage projects
  • 22:23 – The level of transparency Chris provides to his clients
  • 24:43 – The importance of quantifying the value of your work

Tweetable Quotes

“I’m a big believer in ‘If you can’t measure it, I don’t wanna do it.’ I don’t wanna touch it. I don’t wanna talk about it. I really don’t want anything to do with it.” (03:42)


“The way I communicate, that’s my superpower. That’s what I do. So, I’m very specific about what I want and I know what I want works because I’ve being that a long time.” (09:47)


“Sometimes, since I’m not as involved in the day-to-day as I used to be, I don’t know what’s going on.” (21:14)


“I expect a higher level of transparency. I expect a higher level of sophistication as it relates to planning. I expect a higher level of communication. I expect a higher level of delegation.” (22:40)


Chris Snyder

Snyder Showdown is an original Juhll agency production hosted by Chris Snyder, President of Juhll Agency and founder-operator-investor in banks.com.

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