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Published on
March 25, 2020

024 | Creating Impactful Cohesive Marketing Strategies From The Ground Up


There isn’t a single company on this planet that doesn’t want to experience continuous growth. But when you have misaligned goals and your marketing strategy isn’t working, you’re bound to experience stagnancy in your business no matter how great your product is. The solution? Get in touch with people who know their stuff and who can get you out of your business dormancy.

Chris Snyder is the President of Juhll Online Marketing Agency and he is known for being able to get businesses back on track. Most of his clients come from referrals and for good reason -it’s because people have known to trust the kind of service that he can provide for B2B companies.

Join Chris as he gets interviewed by Dr. Jeremy Weisz of Rise25 Media in this episode of the Snyder Showdown where they discuss why a lot of Chris’ clients come from referrals,the common problems he sees in businesses and how his team determines what’s causing these, and the importance of CPCs and reaching out on the right channels.


  • Chris shares why most of his clients come from referrals and how his past clients describe the service that he provides
  • Why most companies experience pressure in their pipeline
  • Chris talks about the difference between startups now and 20 years ago and the challenge this poses
  • The importance of going auditing the company assets in determining where the problem is
  • How having the wrong goals can stunt company growth
  • The value of having a god metric for your company and how it can help you determine your success
  • The channels that  Chris leverages in business in order to find leads
  • Chris breaks down the steps he takes to help companies see the growth that they want in business

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This episode is sponsored by Juhll. They are a full service digital marketing consultancy that has over 20 years of experience helping your business grow sales online. They've helped most of their clients grow more than 50% year over year by helping them meet their digital marketing goals.

Juhll Online Marketing Agency works with companies who are doing $50 million in top line revenue that have a marketing budget of $2 million. They build your company from the ground up and they also help you in creating a strategy that will work best for your team. 

Contact Juhll today and find out which of their services will work best for your success story.

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Dr. Jeremy Weisz

Co-founder of Rise25

Dr. Jeremy Weisz is the co-founder of Rise25 - a company with a mission of helping businesses connect to ideal prospects, referral partners and strategic partners using a done-for-you podcast.

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