Chris Snyder

Entrepreneur, Investor, Business & Growth Consultant

Chris is the founder of fintech online financial marketplace, as well as the President of, an online marketing agency providing full digital services for industries like Banking and Fintechs, Software as a service (Saas) or E-Commerce.



A comprehensive discovery platform for banks and leading financial brands looking to expand consumer awareness.

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Nadia Angelini is an intuitive life coach and founder of Intuition by Nadia. Nadia has been helping individuals promote personal growth and empowerment by addressing both personal and professional obstacles since 2005.

Chris explains how, through a series of fortunate events, he and his team were able to acquire With the desire to innovate the way we think about banking, Chris may have started a mini-revolution on how we send money to those that matter.

Operating with offshore teams can be cost effective if managed well. Listen to this Snyder Showdown podcast episode about the benefits and trade-offs of operating a business with contracted offshore talent.

Chris talks about the importance of being honest and transparent about your mission as an entrepreneur.

In this podcast episode, Chris discusses the value he places on OKRs, objectives and key results. For him, if something is not measurable it is not worth the time and money to pursue.

Chris continues telling the story of how he got involved in He takes a deep dive into the Fintech marketplace and explains its significance.

Chris tells the story of how he got involved in, a business venture he has been working on since 2006.

Listen to project management and selling, and how efficient operations can impact on revenue to grow and scale your business.

Chris breaks down his accomplishments from the week prior, including a multitude of investor meetings for his company,

Get tips on how to get sh*t done with 100% team commitment. Chris promotes work-life balance as a necessity in modern business and encourages flexibility for employees. However, for that 22% of time at work, you should expect 100% commitment.

On his third episode, Chris gets right to the point regarding business prospecting, podcast metrics and the return on investment he expects to see from his podcast.

Chris pulls no punches in discussing how modern day business hiring practices need to significantly improve.

Meet Chris Snyder, the successful, straight-talking Internet business expert with zero patience for losing, a potty mouth and chip on his shoulder.

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