003 | What is the Podcast ROI

December 28, 2018
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Welcome back to the Snyder Showdown podcast. Host Chris Snyder is a passionate entrepreneur and digital marketer and loves taking businesses to the next level. He’s the President and partner at Juhll.com, a full-service digital marketing agency aimed at delivering superior results to help clients achieve their business goals. Juhll offers its clients the full range of digital services, specializing in strategic digital paid media to acquire online customers and generate leads. If it’s online and measurable, you can trust Juhll with it. He’s also the founder, operator and investor in Banks.com, a financial online market place aimed to become everyone’s trusted,go-to resource for all things financial in the web.

In this episode, Chris gets right to the point of the purpose and goal of his podcast and the return on investment he expects to see. We learn about the challenges of gathering podcast metrics to measure audience reach, downloads and other key performance indicators (KPIs). Chris discusses the straightforward and upfront approach he takes in not just podcasting, but in his day-to-day business as well. Finally, Chris speaks to the importance of being direct and transparent to listeners of the Snyder Showdown podcast. At the end of the day, Chris’ goals are twofold. He wants to be able to provide listeners with practical application of lessons learned through this podcast. He also wants to showcase his company and the services they provide in order to expand and attract new business.

Transparency is a key business value for Chris. He talks more about this on "Having the Right Mindset" episode.


  • 00:54 – Chris reveals the purpose and goal of his podcast
  • 06:44 – The challenges of measuring audience reach and other metrics for this podcast
  • 09:55 – Chris discusses the structure of other successful shows
  • 12:45 – Breaking down the reasons behind Chris starting this podcast
  • 16:42 – Chris discusses the trial and error process of prospecting
  • 20:17 – Why communication is key
  • 21:27 – The reason Chris treats Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer clients the same
  • 22:48 – Finding the right medium
  • 26:41 – The honest, raw and upfront approach Chris takes while handling his clients
  • 29:05 – Chris shares his excitement and curiosity he has about the potential of this podcast
  • 30:58 – The benefits Chris hopes listeners receive from listening to Snyder Showdown
  • 36:13 – The importance of delivering direct and transparent content via this podcast
  • 38:49 – First impressions that people get from Chris and his personality

Tweetable Quotes

“We take mad notes. We respond right away. We care about this shit. We care about those people. We don’t want them to lose their jobs.” (01:24)


“I know, instinctively, that it’s gonna be really hard to measure this. But, I also know that if anyone can figure out how to assign KPIs to this and measure ROI on this, it’ll be us. We will figure that out.” (07:52)


“It’s less about how many tweets you send or how many text messages you send that are toneless and faceless. And it’s more about, ‘Who is this human being? Are they trustworthy? Do they really wanna do the right thing?” (20:26)


“At the end of the day, one of my concerns is trying to figure out how to drag that honesty out of people about the situation and not just turn into one of those other shows or podcasts that are just kinda the same old, same old.” (26:21)


“We started the podcast to allow people to hear about the problems that we’re solving and how we solve them. And, hopefully, do it in a way that’s just direct, transparent and no bullshit.” (36:36)


“Generally, when you first meet me it’s really not a love at first sight type of relationship. It’s just not.” (39:02)


Chris Snyder

Snyder Showdown is an original Juhll agency production hosted by Chris Snyder, President of Juhll Agency and founder-operator-investor in banks.com.

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