004 | Focus on the 22 Percent

December 28, 2018
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How do we focus on the 22 percent? Welcome back to the Snyder Showdown podcast. Host Chris Snyder is a passionate entrepreneur and digital marketer, loves taking businesses to the next level. He’s the President and partner at Juhll.com, a full-service digital marketing agency aimed at delivering superior results to help clients achieve their business goals. Juhll offers its clients the full range of digital services, specializing in strategic digital paid media to acquire online customers and generate leads. If it’s online and measurable, you can trust Juhll with it. He’s also the founder, operator and investor in Banks.com, a financial online market place aimed to become everyone’s trusted,go-to resource for all things financial in the web.

In this episode, Chris discusses time and how we utilize and prioritize our time in relation to our commitments. Using a simplistic approach, Chris breaks down the hours in a month and allocates them to the essentials: sleep, family, and work. The time left over is available to spend however we choose. Chris preaches strategic thinking and time management with that ample amount of time. The focus of this episode, however, is the 22% of our time spent at work. Chris discusses the importance of accountability and the high standards he has for his employees. This mirrors the standard he holds himself to for his clients. Chris understands that work-life balance is a necessity in modern business and he discusses the flexibility he allows his employees to have at work. However, for that 22% of time, he expects absolute commitment during those hours. Chris talks about the tactics his company uses to measure and monitor productivity, including a software that tracks employee output. Finally, he urges the audience to be brave in risk taking and to try their best. If you are interested in his view about what he expects back from his time recording this podcast, listen to "What is the Podcast ROI" next.


  • 00:55 –Today’s topic: Giving your all to your commitments
  • 04:43 – Chris discusses how he utilizes the Life Cycle app
  • 06:35 – How Chris’ military upbringing impacted his work ethic
  • 09:28 – Understanding our time through simple math
  • 14:17 – Focusing on the 22% of time spent working
  • 14:55 – Chris breaks down how he spends his time
  • 17:28 – The tactics Chris’ agency uses to be most effective and efficient
  • 22:27 – Chris cites a study done in the UK
  • 27:02 – The importance of accountability
  • 35:23 – Chris advises companies and employees to have open and realistic discussions about time efficiency so both parties can benefit
  • 39:35 – Chris urges listeners to be brave and take chances to become more productive
  • 41:07 – Chris’ message to entrepreneurs: Try. Because if you're amazing and everything you do works beautifully, then you're not listening to my podcast, so who gives a shit?

Tweetable Quotes

“I do think it’s important that you think about the ratios in measuring how you spend your time and where that time goes relative to the things you’re trying to achieve.” (02:41)


“I don’t think a lot of companies really understand productivity.” (04:03)


“If you are on time, you are late.” (07:04)


“My life is basically in thirds. There’s three major things I do—I work, I sleep, and I’m at home.” (13:52)


“You are 100% in control of your own happiness; your own life. We live in America; you can do whatever you want.” (17:04)


Chris Snyder

Snyder Showdown is an original Juhll agency production hosted by Chris Snyder, President of Juhll Agency and founder-operator-investor in banks.com.

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